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The best people to hear from are our girls who make the Tara community the wonderful place it is.


Hear from Ruby

I'm currently in Year 7 and started boarding at Tara in Year 5. Boarding has allowed me to continue my passion which is diving. This requires a lot of training and dedication.


Hear from Pip

Currently I am participating in the Lion's Youth of the Year competition and I am really passionate about debating and public speaking. I love taking the opportunities that Tara has provided for me.

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Hear from Junior Girls

Meet some of our Junior School students. Connie loves the many aspects to art, Ashley enjoys writing stories and Abbey is keen on sport.

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Hear from Ashleigh

I'm currently in Year 12 and I've been boarding since Year 10. Boarding has allowed me to develop my independence and partake in many opportunities.

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