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P&F Business Registration - Tara Families Supporting Community

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P&F Business Registration

Our Tara Community have seen significant change in the way we go about our daily lives during the global COVID-19 crisis. During this time of isolation, many businesses have had unprecedented difficulties and have adapted to cope with this changing environment.

A Tara Parents & Friends Association initiative is creating a link for business and families to support each other. This initiative is being created for businesses of Tara families rather than a general advertising site. It is important that each business has a direct link with a Tara family.

If you would like your business to participate on the P&F Business Register, please fill out the form below. Your main business details will be made available to our Tara community through email and e-marketing. Details will not be used for any other purpose.


I understand that the P&F Association, Tara Anglican School for Girls and their staff will not be liable for any interactions or transactions that occur between any parties connected through this P&F Initiative. The P&F Association has not vetted the information, products or offerings provided by these businesses. The Tara P&F Association is creating this opportunity to assist our Tara Community while COVID-19 influence is in place.

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