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My name is Prisca and it is an honour to serve as Tara’s Head Girl for 2019–2020. Attending Tara since Year 7, I am continually grateful to attend a school passionate about girls’ education, focused on empowering each individual to reach their full potential.


Tara is more than its well equipped classrooms and sports ovals, rather what I value most is our community that welcomes every girl. I am extremely thankful for the compassion, humility and kindness of both staff and students. Tara’s extensive pastoral care encourages and provides support to each girl, certainly reflecting one of our Tara values of affirmation. The Christ centred, nurturing and unified environment is evident in every aspect of the School, and is what I have treasured most over my years at Tara.

Tara’s dedication to academic achievement is evident through our outstanding HSC results and other student successes. Small class sizes enable the essential and beneficial student-teacher relationship, allowing individual needs to be met. The passion from all staff is clear through their teaching, and I am very appreciative of their time and effort that allows each student to achieve her best.

Aside from the strong academic framework of Tara, I have had the immense privilege of being involved in many cocurricular opportunities. I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in music, sports, public speaking and debating, drama, art and leadership activities. The broad range of activities available are a testimony to Tara’s dedication in developing each girl's balance of academic and cocurricular work.

Tara promotes an all rounded education, fostering strong and confident women prepared for life beyond School.

"I have been given priceless opportunities, experiences and friendships here, and know that Tara has grown me in every possible way. I cannot wait to witness the generation of independent women that progress throughout the years."

Prisca, Head Girl for 2019-2020