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Aquatic Centre and Sports Precinct

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Aquatic Centre
& Sports Precinct

At Tara we recognise the importance of educating the ‘whole’ student through extensive academic and cocurricular opportunities.


We offer a campus with an array of facilities, technology and opportunities to nurture our students academically while providing wide-ranging opportunities in the cocurricular arenas of the performing and creative arts, sports and the service for others.

The School is proud to be providing a legacy of our generation for current and future students with the development and construction of the Tara Aquatic Centre and Sports Precinct.


We have been working closely with our architects and consultant team on the project which will deliver a 25m, eight-lane competition pool with associated facilities, a fitness centre and tiered seating.

The main pool is enclosed and heated for year round use and has also been designed for our water polo teams.

In addition, there will be a separate learn-to-swim pool including change rooms, shower and toilet facilities.


Our New Sports Precinct

A new fitness centre will run along the width of the gymnasium facing the main Oval.

Under increased shade structures for spectators, there will be comfortable tiered seating for viewing of netball, basketball and tennis on Tara’s six newly refurbished outdoor courts, completing a total rebuild for a true Sports Precinct at Tara.

The location (between the gymnasium/multi-purpose hall, the main oval and the tennis courts) was chosen with Tara students in mind, as it can be easily accessed by girls from both the Senior and Junior Schools.

These new facilities will enable us to expand and enhance the quality and delivery of our fitness and wellbeing programs for decades to come.


A Significant Investment

This project is a significant investment for our School and one that will benefit the students of Tara today and tomorrow.

“Philanthropy is a personal journey. Your support of the Tara Aquatic Centre and Sports Precinct represents not only confidence in the work of the School, but a belief in a collective future for our girls.”

We encourage all families to contribute to the Tara Foundation’s tax deductible building fund. Donations made to the Building Fund will be used to help fund the construction of the Aquatic Centre and Sports Precinct, and will reduce the amount of money needed to be borrowed to complete these works. The suggested donation of $60 per enrolment per month can be included as part of the scheduled fee payment (February to November). While $60 per enrolment per month is the suggested donation, donations of any amount would be gratefully received.

Please contact Mrs Shilpi Gandhi on 02 8838 2645 or to donate.





The Aquatic Centre and Sports Precinct project will be the most significant that Tara has ever done in terms of scope, scale and cost. The School’s Executive and Council have been making plans for these works for a number of years, and we now feel well equipped to proceed with these works in the coming year.

The Tara Foundation oversees a tax deductible building fund, and the Foundation Directors are recommending this entity be the vehicle through which our fundraising will proceed. A dedicated capital campaign is now underway, and we are hoping to raise $1 million to go towards the Aquatic Centre and Sports Precinct works.

Years of good financial management have resulted in Tara having very low levels of debt, however we fully expect to need to borrow money in order for this project to be undertaken. The School is encouraging all families not currently giving monthly to the Foundation Building Fund to consider doing so now. Knowing what support is coming in will greatly assist us in forecasting what needs to be borrowed. One off gifts would also be gladly received. The more money we can raise via the Foundation Building Fund, the less the School will have to borrow.

The existing 25m outdoor pool and associated buildings will be out of action as soon as the builders arrive on site. This means that there will be no swimming, diving or water polo on site until the new facility is completed in 2022.

This is an ambitious project, seeking to bring together the tennis courts, gymnasium, main oval and new Aquatic Centre together into a single interconnected precinct. Because of this, there will be times when access to these existing facilities may be more difficult than it currently is. Once a builder has been appointed we will know more, but our current thinking is that we will still have use of the courts and the gymnasium but to access them we may need to ‘go the long way’.

Some work will be done on the south east side of the gymnasium, but we will be asking the builders to schedule the bulk of this work during school holidays so as to cause the least disruption. We anticipate some of the main oval will fall within the builder’s compound and this may impact the School’s use. If some of the main oval is out of action, then more games and training will have to run on the School’s other oval – Mouleric. Thankfully we have more than one oval.

The location of the Aquatic Centre was chosen so that it can most easily be accessed by Tara students. This is who we are building it for.

The main pool’s dimensions make it suitable for water polo as well as lap swimming, and there will also be a separate learn to swim pool that is suitable for flippaball.

We do anticipate some external hires for the facility, in the same way as the gymnasium, theatre and chapel are sometimes used by external parties. These external users will need to fit in with Tara’s needs.

Sustainability has been considered in all aspects of design, including the selection of materials and the development of the building’s services and plant. Several specific elements are being incorporated into the design including:

  • the use of heat pumps to reduce energy consumption;
  • double glazing to the building’s façade;
  • orientating the building north, to minimise solar gain from east/west;
  • natural light;
  • cross ventilation;
  • designing the building to minimise the excavation and resultant cut and fill;
  • pool blankets to minimise evaporation and heat loss when pools not in use;
  • use of natural materials; and
  • maximising views across adjoining parkland (student wellbeing).

  • The existing pool structure has a finite life span and will need significant repairs soon as it is nearing end of life
  • An indoor facility provides a year-round facility for use by all levels of swimmers
  • The existing pool is not purpose designed for learn to swim

There will be a clear demarcation between the School and its operations and what will be the construction site. As part of the construction works there will be detailed safety and construction management plan developed specifically for this project, and will address issues including extent of construction zones, demarcation of construction zones to the School's operations including the extent and location of hoardings, access and material handling.

The plan will also confirm and identify any requirements for WWCC and the like, and the location of site buildings. These plans will be developed in close consultation with the School.

The construction site will be hoarded/fenced off from the rest of the School, and there will be detailed plans developed to ensure the safe movement of people around the campus.

The safety and operation of the School is paramount.

Detailed safety and construction management plans will be developed in consultation with the School with the successful contractor when they are appointed. These plans will identify and address key issues such as noise, dust, traffic management, etc to ensure proper mitigation strategies are implemented.

The safety and operation of the School is paramount.

This will be covered by the Construction Management Plan prepared by the Main Contractor. Where applicable, noisy works will be managed within the perimeters of the Construction Management Plan including use of acoustic hoarding where applicable.

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